Bylaws & Rules of the OCWSL


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the ORANGE COUNTY WOMEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE, herein after referred to as OCWSL.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of the bylaws is to provide a comprehensive overview of OCWSL.

Article III - Amendments and Revisions

  1. Proposed amendments or revisions shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board and/or Bylaw Committee at any time during the year.
  2. The Executive Board and/or Bylaw Committee shall review all submitted bylaw changes as to content.
  3. The Executive Board and/or Bylaw Committee shall submit proposed changes to the Team Representatives for review at the next Team Representative meeting. Said changes, if any, shall be voted on at the following Team Representative Meeting.
  4. Proposed changes must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) of all ballots received.
  5. Approved changes shall become effective within 30 days.

Article IV - Governing Structure

The governing structure of OCWSL shall consist of an Executive Board, Team Representatives, and the General Membership. All members of the governing structure shall be registered members of OCWSL.

A.  The Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall be subject to any limitations in these bylaws relating to actions requiring General Membership or Team Representative approval and subject to the duties of its Executive Board members as prescribed by these bylaws.
  2. The business and affairs of OCWSL shall be managed, and all OCWSL powers shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Executive Board. Without prejudice to these generalpowers, but subject to the same limitations, it is declared that the Executive Board shall have the following powers:
    • To conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of OCWSL, and to make such rules and regulations as are consistent with law, or with the bylaws.
    • To manage all funds and property received, acquired, or earned by the OCWSL, and to distribute or dispense the same in a manner beneficial to OCWSL.

B.  Executive Officers

  1. PRESIDENT: Conducts all Executive Board meetings, Team Representative meetings, and Annual Meeting. Votes only in the case of a tie and supervises affairs of OCWSL.
  2. VICE PRESIDENT – SCHEDULING: Shall be in charge of game schedules including make-up games and the Summer Sizzler Tournament. Shall preside in the President’s absence.
  3. VICE PRESIDENT – STANDINGS AND REFEREES: Shall be in charge of standings of all of the divisions in the league. Shall be in charge of contracting referee services for all scheduled league games and tournaments and shall ensure referee coverage for said games and tournaments. Shall keep record of all red and yellow cards and preside in the President’s absence.
  4. RECORDING SECRETARY: Records minutes of all meetings. Shall track and notify teams and players of all monies due to the league from incurred fines.
  5. TREASURER: Handles all monies in the league treasury. Shall make a report of financial status at all OCWSL meetings; is in charge of all reports relating to incorporation,budgets, audits, and taxes.
  6. FIELD SUPERVISORS: Shall be in charge of procuring permits for playing fields used during the Fall and Spring seasons and league tournaments. Shall manage field equipment (nets,flags) and field preparation.
  7. REGISTRAR: Shall oversee and accept all registrations, enforce all registration procedures, and maintain the league’s player database.
  8. NEW PLAYER/INSURANCE COORDINATOR: Shall coordinate new player event. Shall serve as point of contact for the league’s insurance carrier and league members.
  9. SCHOLARSHIP/OUTREACH COORDINATOR: To coordinate the Giannetti tournament. To organize the annual scholarship program funded by the OCWSL Giannetti Tournament. Provide outreach to high schools, junior colleges and colleges to ensure women know about the OCWSL. Make contact with school district coordinators to establish relationship for future field and partnership opportunities.

C.  Elections and Board Members

  1. Nominations for Executive Board positions shall be made at the Team Representative Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.
  2. Voting shall occur via written ballot. Should the initial vote result in a tie, a second vote shall take place involving the candidates who tied. If a tie exists after the second vote, the President shall exercise her voting option.
  3. Candidates for the Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote at the Annual Meeting.
  4. The Executive Board, at any time, may fill a vacant Executive Board position with a selected candidate. However, this candidate will not officially hold the position untilconfirmed by a majority vote of the Team Representatives.

D.  Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet prior to each Team Representative meeting and the Annual Meeting or as deemed necessary by the President.

E.  Terms of Office

The following positions shall be elected for two-year terms during even-numbered years:
Vice President – Scheduling

  1. Treasurer
  2. Field Supervisor
  3. Registrar – 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s Divisions

The following positions shall be elected for two-year terms during odd-numbered years:

  1. President
  2. Vice President – Standings and Referees
  3. Secretary
  4. Registrar – 18s
  5. Field Supervisor
  6. New Player/Insurance Coordinator
  7. Scholarship/Outreach Coordinator

F.  Executive Board Member Fees

Each Executive Board member shall have one registration fee waived for each season while in office. If an executive member resigns her position, she is responsible for paying any registration fees due for the current season. This registration fee must be paid before the player is eligible to play in her next league game. The league registration fee is pro-rated according to the entire number of games for the season and initial league registration fee.

G.  Team Representative

  1. The purpose of the Team Representatives shall be to assist the Executive Board, to act as coordinators and liasons to each team, and to vote on issues presented for approval.
  2. Each team shall have one representative and an optional alternate representative. Voting shall be limited to one representative per team.
  3. An Executive Board Member can serve as a Team Representative except as defined in paragarph G.1.
  4. Only OCWSL registered players shall serve as a Team Representative.
  5. Meetings shall be held as necessary.

H.  Annual Meeting

  1. The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be to elect the Executive Board Members. Other meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
  2. Shall consist of all registered members of OCWSL.
  3. Shall be held in March.

Article VI - Game Rules

A.  Game Rules

Games shall be played under FIFA laws except as noted in the OCWSL Bylaws and Standing Rules.

B.  Game Duration

There will be two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves unless a shorter time is mutually agreed to by representatives of both teams. There will be a half-time break, the length to be determined by the referee.

Article VII - League Formation

A.  Divisions

  1. Teams within each Division should be as close to equal in skill level as possible.
  2. Each age division (18, 30, 40, 50 and 60) shall be further separated into subdivisions, where numbers of teams permit, in order to facilitate a more equitable competition.
  3. Prior to each Fall Season, the Executive Board shall organize and moderate one meeting for each age division in order to set its subdivisions. The Team Representatives within each age division shall be invited to attend this meeting to separate their teams into subdivisions for that Fall Season. Decisions will be made by majority vote of Team Representatives in attendance; each team present shall receive one (1) vote. In the event of a tie, the Executive Board shall have final decision in placing the team in question.

Standing Rules

Section I - Purpose

The standing rules of OCWSL shall be used to govern the day-to-day operations of the league, but shall not supersede nor contradict any existing bylaw.

Section II - Amendments

  1. Proposed amendments to the Standing Rules must be submitted in writing by the Team Representative at the Team Representative meeting prior to the vote held at the next Team Representative meeting.
  2. The proposed amendments shall be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Team Representatives.
  3. Approved changes will become effective within 24 hours of approval.

Section III - Team/Player Requirements

Team Rules

  1. Each team shall be able to determine its own membership rules and regulations.
  2. Any player not in possession of a valid OCWSL-issued I.D. card will not be allowed to play. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. If a player is found to be playing without a valid OCWSL-issued I.D. card at the field, the team will immediately forfeit the game that the player is participating in or has participated in. The team will be fined $100.
  4. A player eligible for the 60, 50, 40 or 30 Division may also register on other teams as long as she is age eligible.

Teams Withdrawing from the League

Any team withdrawing from the league after the Fall Season Team bracketing meeting or Spring Registration deadline and prior to the completion of the season shall be assessed a fine equal to the team bond amount. If the withdrawing team’s bond is depleted or exhausted due to other unpaid fines, the Executive Board shall make every effort to collect the full amount due from the withdrawing team through contact with the Team Representative.

Transferring Teams

There shall be no transferring of players from one team to another during the season without the approval of both teams involved and completion of a Resignation/Transfer form. The Executive Board must approve any extenuating circumstances.


Resignations are to be made on a Resignation/Transfer form provided by the league.  To drop a player:

  1. The Team Representative must obtain a signed resignation form or written authorization from the player to be dropped and return it, along with the player’s OCWSL-issued I.D. card, to the Registrar.
  2. The player will not be dropped until the resignation form and OCWSL-issued I.D. card is received.

If the player is not available to complete the Resignation/Transfer form, the Team Representative may complete the Resignation/Transfer form and return it, along with the player’s OCWSL-issued I.D. card, to the Registrar. Upon receipt of the card, the registrar shall mail a drop notice to the player being dropped, allowing two weeks from the postmark date for the player to respond. At the end of two weeks, with no objections heard, the player will officially be dropped.


  1. Each team shall be responsible for its own uniforms. Uniforms to include shoes, socks, shinguards, shorts, and numbered jerseys.
  2. The designated home team shall have uniform color decision and the visiting team must wear a contrasting color shirt (dark or light) or penny. The visiting team must change if there is a conflict or will forfeit the game.
  3. Goalkeepers must wear a shirt that is distinct from both teams’ field players’ shirts.
  4. All jerseys (including alternate jerseys) must have a permanent number on the back of the shirt, except for the goalkeeper.
  5. Metal orthopedic braces must be completely covered.
  6. A player is not to use or wear anything that is dangerous to herself or another player, including jewelry. Exception: 1. Medical ID tags; or 2. jewelry may be covered or hidden if in the opinion of the referee it does not pose a danger.


All rules posted at the fields must be followed, including no animals, no smoking, and no alcohol. All trash must be picked up before both teams leave the field. The league will assess penalties to the teams who fail to follow these rules.

Section IV - Game Rules

Home Team

  1. The designated home team is listed on the official OCWSL game schedule.
  2. The home team is responsible for providing a ball, nets, and corner flags. Failure of the home team to perform these responsibilities results in forfeiture by that home team.

The home team playing the first game on a field is responsible for getting nets to the field. The home team playing the last game on a field is responsible for returning the nets to their league designated location. Both teams playing the first game on a field will be responsible for putting up the nets and corner flags. Both teams playing the last game on a field will be responsible for taking the nets and corner flags down.

  1. If only one game is played on a field then the home team is responsible for getting the nets and corner flags to the field, and the visiting team is responsible for returning. Both teams playing are responsible for putting up and taking down equipment.


  1. Referees will be scheduled by the referee association’s governing body.
  2. Fees for each game shall be paid by OCWSL.
  3. Referees shall be responsible for maintaining control of the game and enforce all standing rules and bylaws of OCWSL.
  4. The referee has the authority to enforce the laws of the game before, during and after the game until he/she leaves the area.
  5. The decisions of the referees are final.
  6. At least fifteen (15) minutes prior to each game, a representative of each team shall give to the referee a completed OCWSL game card and valid OCWSL-issued I.D. cards for all players participating in that game. Any player not in possession of a valid OCWSL-issued I.D. card at the field will not be allowed to play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Suspended Game Guidelines

  1. Games may be suspended in case of foul weather or other extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the referee or OCWSL Executive Board.
  2. If suspended for foul weather before the start of the second half, the game shall be replayed if necessary, depending upon team division standings at the end of the season.
  3. If suspended after the start of the second half, the game shall be considered a full game.
    If suspended because an ejected player, coach, manager, or spectator refuses to leave the field as directed by and to the satisfaction of the referee, the referee shall terminate the game.


  1. The Executive Board shall cancel all league games if significant rain falls within 14 hours of game time, if persistent rain has soaked the fields, and/or if one or more field owners/authorities has given notice that fields are not to be used due to inclement weather.
  2. If a permitting agency revokes OCWSL’s permit for a field, every attempt will be made to notify the teams affected of resulting changes to their schedule.
  3. The referee is the only authority who can cancel a game, unless the league has given notice prior to the start of the game.
  4. At the field, the referee is responsible for deciding whether or not games are to be canceled due to rain or poor field conditions.
  5. Cancelled games will be rescheduled as deemed necessary by the Executive Board. Make up games for rain days will be played after the regular season scheduled games, fields permitting.
  6. If either team is unable to play at the rescheduled time, the game will be forfeited and points awarded accordingly.


  1. If a team forfeits a game, without a minimum one  (1) week notification to the scheduler, a $107.00 fine will be assessed.
  2. There will be a ten (10) minute waiting period before a game forfeiture is enforced at the field. This grace period is meant to provide the team that is in the forfeiting position time to correct the reason for forfeiture, e.g., insufficient players, missing game equipment, missing I.D. cards, etc.
  3. A team shall field seven (7) eligible players or forfeit the game.
  4. If both teams have less than seven (7) players, upon their mutual agreement they can play or cancel the game. If the game is cancelled, it shall not be rescheduled, and no games points shall be awarded to either team.
  5. All forfeitures shall result in the opposing team being awarded a win and receiving three (3) points.
  6. Fines assessed from game forfeitures will not be deducted from a team’s security deposit. In accordance with the bylaws these fines must be paid in full within 30 days of the forfeiture. If the offending team fails to pay the fines by that day, the team will be ineligible to play any subsequent games until the fines are paid in full.
  7. During the Spring Season, any team incurring three (3) forfeits will be removed from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

Yellow Cards

Yellow cards will follow FIFA rules with the following exception:

  1. The accumulation of three (3) yellow cards to the same person in one (1) season is equivalent to one non-violent red card and shall be disciplined as such.

Red Cards

  1. A red carded coach must leave the grounds.
  2. A red carded player must leave the field of play and cannot be substituted.
  3. A red carded player or coach shall be excluded from the next played game, be it a game in the current season or the first game of the next season.
  4. The accumulation of 2 red cards to the same person in one (1) season shall result in that player’s suspension for the next three (3) played games.

Violent Red Cards

  1. A player who receives a violent red card shall be excluded from the next two (2) played games.
  2. A player who receives a violent red card shall be placed on probation for the remainder of the season.
  3. Players and/or coaches shall be fined $50.00 for each violent red card. The fine shall not be deducted from the team’s security deposit and shall be paid within 30 days of the infraction.
  4. The accumulation of 2 violent red cards shall result in suspension for the remainder of the current season and the next season.

All Cards

  1. The accumulation of cards shall be penalized as referenced above. It is the team’s responsibility to track the accumulation of yellow cards by its players. If the player and/or coach player participates in the next played game, she/he shall be fined $50.00 and their team shall forfeit that game.
  2. It is within the referees’ jurisdiction to card a player or coach before, during, and after the game. The areas of jurisdiction include, but are not limited to, the field, adjoining areas, and parking lots.
  3. All yellow and/or red cards are final with no protests.

Game Protesting Procedure

  1. The protesting team announces to the other team and the referees to leaving the field of play that it is protesting the game and shall also note protest on the game card.
  2. The protesting team’s representative notifies one of the Vice Presidents verbally within twenty-four (24) hours of the game that has been protested. Once notified, the Vice President shall notify the other team of the protest.

Slide Tackling

  1. Slide tackling is not permitted in the 30, 40, 50 and 60 divisions.
  2. Slide tackling is permitted in OCWSL’s 18 divisions, provided that all of the following occur DURING THE COURSE OF THE TACKLE:
    • The tackle must begin and end within the peripheral vision of the person tackled.
    • The person tackling must have her feet and legs in a downward position.
    • The tackler must slide toward the ball. Initial contact must be made with the ball.
  3. The penalty for a violation is at the discretion of the referee. Cards for slide tackling are not protestable.

Section V - End of Fall Season


  1. Each team will receive the following points:
    • 3 points for a WIN
    • 1 point for a TIE
    • 0 points for a LOSS
  2. The team with the highest number of points at the conclusion of the season will take first place; second highest – second place, etc.
  3. League winners will be determined by total points after the end of the season including rain make up games. If tied, the will be determined as follows:
    • head-to-head
    • goals against
    • goal differential
    • split / tie for 1st


After the end of the Fall season the Executive Board shall award Fall season awards. Monies/payment for awards are taken from the league treasury.

Section VI - Spring Season

The type of play (tournament, round robin, etc.) shall be determined at the January Team Representative meeting. All rules governing OCWSL shall be in effect for any Spring season.

FIFA Rules

In addition to OCWSL rules, all games shall be played under FIFA rules. Visit the FIFA web site for more information.