Anyone happen to notice during the Olympics that FIFA has made a few game rule changes?  The OCWSL will adopt these as well and here they are:

  1. Referee may red card a player prior to a match. Team does not play short they may be substituted.
  2. Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity is only a yellow card and not a red card. Provided there was an attempt to play the ball. Other red-card offences are still enforced (i.e. handball, violent conduct).
  3. When there is a “wall” the attacking players can no longer be in the defensive wall.
  4. On offside – if defender is off the field he is only considered “active” until defending team clears the ball or play stops.
  5. Kick offs may go backwards.

**The “wall” is considered players standing shoulder to shoulder

Click here for a list all of the 2016 Rule Changes.