Mission Statement

To develop amateur women’s soccer with a friendly and recreational sense of competition regardless of age, race or religion.

OCWSL Organization

Orange County Women’s Soccer League is a non-profit organization based in Orange County, California, which is governed by an elected Executive Board, Team Representatives and General Membership. Since 1976, OCWSL’s membership has grown to over 1,000 women with approximately 60 active teams. The league provides opportunities for players of all abilities to play soccer. Sic major divisions exist within the league: 18 years and older; 30 years and older; 40 years and older; 50 years and older; 60 years and older; and 65 years and older. (Each division may be subdivided into competitive and recreational skill levels.)


Founded by Hector and Martha Giannetti in 1976, the first season began in November. The average team age requirement was 30 years old. The original teams were: Fanny Dragons of Anaheim, Sassie Lassies of Garden Grove, Orange Devils and Pink Panthers of Huntington Beach, Classic Chassis and Swingers of Buena Park, and Shady Ladies of Yorba Linda. On Feb. 20, 1977, the first season championship game was played: Sassie Lassies deafeated the Orange Devils 2-1! And the best part of it all was their uniforms…check it out!

League Play

Scheduled games are played on Sundays at assigned field locations within Orange County. OCWSL offers two alternating seasons throughout the year: Fall and Spring. Fall Season starts early September and continues through January. Team standings are recorded and division winners are awarded at the end-of-the-season Annual Meeting. Spring Season is played from March through June.

Joining the League

OCWSL welcomes all players, coaches or teams who would like to join the league. New players can independently join a currently registered team, or may contact the New Player Coordinator or sign up on OCWSL’s New Players Directory to find a team to play with. New teams may register at the beginning of each season with a minimum roster of 13 players. To register with a team, a new player must sign a waiver and submit a clean photocopy of a driver’s license. To register a new team, a refundable bond and roster must be submitted to the registrar. Registration begins four weeks prior to the first game of each season. Players may continue to join existing teams until two weeks prior to the end of the season.

Giannetti Cup founders and daughter / niece Laura

Team Registration

Registration begins four weeks prior to the first game of each season. Players may continue to join existing teams until two weeks prior to the end of the season. Refer to OCWSL’s Bylaws & Standing Rules for more details.


For information, please contact OCWSL’s Treasurer.


OCWSL hosts the annual Giannetti Cup (eleven-a-side) and the Summer Sizzler (six-a-side) tournaments. These tournaments are open to all teams around the country. Proceeds from these tournaments support the OCWSL Scholarship Award Fund and donations to local school women’s soccer programs.

Scholarship Award Fund

OCWSL proudly offers scholarships for high school women graduates participating in an organized soccer program. Awards are presented to winning candidates at the Annual Meeting. Selection of winners is based on written essay, one letter of recommendation, and consideration of applicant’s GPA. Applications are distributed to Orange County high schools and are available through this web site or contacting Scholarships at scholarships@ocwsl.org. Deadline for submissions by high school applicants is February 15.

Benefits of OCWSL Membership

OCWSL is a non-profit organization which provides an opportunity for women of all abilities to play soccer. The league also supports the community by donating money to schools and promotes the growth of women’s soccer through its high school Scholarship Award program.
Membership fees for each season pay for:

  • Regularly scheduled games on Sundays
  • Dependable locations and lined fields
  • Certified referees (not volunteers)
  • Awards for fall season division champions and finalists
  • Unlimited fun and excitement of playing one of the most popular sports in the world!