Fields & Nets Information

Field Equipment

First game of the day: HOME team must pick up nets and corner flags for the fields
Last game of the day: HOME team must return nets and corner flags to the net house
Please Note: If there is just 1 game on that field, HOME Picks Up equipment and VISITOR Returns

Equipment must be returned or both teams will be charged to replace lost equipment.  Each field equipment unit contains 1 bag, 2 nets, 4 flags, 8 stakes.

Rain Cancellations

All games will be cancelled if it rains 14 hours before game time unless notified otherwise. Team Managers will be notified via text message and email if games are rained out or cancelled for any other reason.

Reminder About Pets

A number of our field contracts specifically state “NO PETS” at games. The OCWSL is already short on fields. Let’s not lose a field because of this.  Please go to the Field & Nets Map page for details about each field and see which ones allow pets.

Field Suggestions/Comments

Contact OCWSL field coordinators with questions and suggestions:
Rose Teutimez: