Fields & Nets Information

Field Equipment

First game of the day: HOME team must pick up nets and corner flags for the fields
Last game of the day: HOME team must return nets and corner flags to the net house
Please Note: If there is just 1 game on that field, HOME Picks Up equipment and VISITOR Returns

Equipment must be returned or both teams will be charged to replace lost equipment.  Each field equipment unit contains 1 bag, 2 nets, 4 flags, 8 stakes.

Rain Cancellations

All games will be canceled if it rains 14 hours before game time. Call the OCWSL Hotline (714) 518-4877 after 7:15 am on the morning of your game.

Reminder About Pets

A number of our field contracts specifically state “NO PETS” at games. The OCWSL is already short on fields. Let’s not lose a field because of this.

Field Suggestions/Comments

Contact OCWSL field coordinators with questions and suggestions:
Rose Teutimez:
Kellie Hales: