FAQs about the OCWSL

Is it too late to register for this season?

OCWSL allows teams to add new players up to two weeks before the last scheduled game of the season. All new players MUST register through a team, OCWSL does not register and place individual players.

How do I get on a team?

  1. Visit our “New Players” page to register on our New Players Directory.
  2. A new player event is held prior to each season inviting players who added their information on the website and have not yet been picked up by a team. This event allows players and teams to connect for the upcoming season.
  3. Provide your age, skill and experience level to the New Player Coordinator (newplayerinfo@ocwsl.org) so your name can be forwarded to the appropriate Division Team Reps.

How much will it cost/how many games are there per season?

  1. The cost is determined by each team. The League sets a team registration fee and Player fees will be based on the number of players on a roster. Team Registration fee includes fields and referees.
  2. Fall season is 14 weeks long. Spring season is approximately 10 weeks long.

When are the seasons for the league?

  1. Fall season is from September through December (tentatively January for make-ups).
  2. Spring season is from February through May.
  3. We do not currently have a Summer season.

Do teams practice?

That is decided by the specific team you play with.

When are the games played?

  1. All games are played on Sunday.
  2. Game times start between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Where are the games played?

  1. Games are played on fields throughout Orange County, including fields in north, central and south county.
  2. You can look on the “Fields” page to see what fields the league is currently using.

How do I register a new team into the league?

  1. Contact the Registrar for your age group – for the 18s division, contact registrar18s@ocwsl.org; for the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s divisions contact registrar30s@ocwsl.org.
    • 18’s (all players must be 18 years or older);
    • 30’s (all players must be 30 years or older by end of year);
    • 40’s (all players must be 40 years or older by end of year);
    • 50’s (all players must be 50 years or older by end of year);
    • 60’s (all players must be 60 years or older by end of year; however in 2015 need to be 58 and in 2016 need to be 59).